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About Us



Remember the good ole days of thumbtacks and creased centerfolds or cutout magazine pictures? Good news, guys—the adult version has arrived, and it’s here to spruce up boring walls in no time. Stick Up Dolls are as easy on the eyes as they are easy to use. Peel and stick to your heart’s content to quickly transform an entire room.

It's like hiring an artist or stylist to design your interior walls, clothing and gadgets but without the high price. We design and produce all of our decals in-house, and ship all our products throughout the world. Our specialized designers, photographers and team members offer each of our Dolls the utmost attention. Every wall decal is made by hand in conjunction with plotters to make sure your wall decal is realistic and exactly what you wanted.

Stick Up Dolls allows you to interact with their favorite models, adult entertainers, and vixens not only socially but every day in their own home! We recognize that fans want more than a typical poster or social media feed to see their favorite models at their finest. So we developed a product that allows full scale, customization, and interaction in a unique and fun way.

The Stick Up Dolls product is unique because it brings an innovative product into our customers homes. When you purchase a full size Peel-Off Nude Stick Up Doll, you not only get a full size, life like, wall decal, but also get a removable outfit for your Stick Up Doll. This allows you to have her nude when its just the two of you, or have her clothed when friends of family are around. It's the perfect accessory for any man-cave, dorm room, bachelor pad, or night club. We also offer a Clothed Non-Nude product if customization isn't your thing.

Stick Up Dolls helps turn your passion project into an something creative, unique and beautiful. 

For the artists, hackers, crafters and DIYers we're here to help. Our support team are quick to respond when you're stumped or just have questions, and we frequently share tips and resources to help you become a better seller. You focus on making amazing stuff and let us take care of production.

We are located in 3 major markets, where we have unprecedented access to the top models in the world. Our customers tell us who they want to have as part of their collection, so we are actively adding new models based on customer request. Our product offering is growing on a regular basis so be sure to join our mailing list and visit us frequently to see new Dolls!

We are always adding new Dolls and unique designs & products from our team of artists. Please bookmark our website and come back regularly.