At the age of 14 most of us were looking for a way to get into our parents hidden stash of porn figuratively but Leya Falcon on the other hand was plotting how to do it literally.  The Buxom blonde has never been one to shy away from a crowd of two or three... or four... you get the drift but her mindset and dedication has kept her on the path to her goals & ambitions and thus is how she has stayed ahead of the curve.

Part Princess & part Rebel whose best friend is her furry counterpart (Meow) one of Leya's greatest passions can be taken from her moniker.  With bodacious curves that can make any man travel twelve parsecs to see her you can catch her moonlighting in Vegas at a well known gentleman's club.

A self proclaimed "Kinky Girl" but the shy kind that you can still "bring home to mother" it's easy to see why we Love Leya... her response "I know".

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